e Cisco Certification Liu Feiyun is laughing and chatting with the guests, narrowed into a small line of eyes Not by flash a trace of Jingmang. Wu Fei, turned out to see Yang Hongtu, ambitious brother, calculate the time, Jie Wenxian nephew should also welcome the new people come back to CCDE the bar. Ah, calcul. ate the time should be back, but on the way to the two may have met the city house of the people Smiled and nodded, Yang Hongtu suddenly a turn, toward Liu Zhou asked two The Never encountered. Zhou and Liu Feiyun each other as a glance, invariably shook his head. That s strange Could it be, Hongtu brother invited the Santo adults to do today s main marriage See Yang Hongtu face confused, Liu Feiyun smiled and asked. And the other side of the same week to vote like the advice of the eyes. Yes, it is strange, the Santo adults have always been talking and talk. Since the promise of CCDE it exam Yang Xiong, it is impossible to say, is it out of what happened Yang Hongtu sure, Touch the head. the same look puzzled. Santo House Xu Dazhou received Yang Hongtu in the three doubts, the hall again sounded the butler s high de

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
352-001 ADVDESIGN Cisco CCDE
352-011 Cisco Certified Design Expert Practical Exam Cisco CCDE